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Be a VIB:¬† “Very Important Barefooter”:

Help spread barefooting and work to make bare feet a regular & normal sight across the country. You may contribute $2.95/mo, $4.95/mo, $49.95/yr, or you may also make a one time donation of any amount you would like. All funds are used to help promote barefoot freedom and educate businesses, and the public, that it is safe and legal. Look back for further ways to support the cause soon.

VIB Subscription (yearly VIB Access, $49.95):

Annual support of the cause, includes Newsletter subscription, access to VIB sections of the website, 25 Barefoot Is Legal business cards, T-shirt, Photo ID card. (Please have your T-shirt color/size preferences and your head-to-toe barefoot photo ready upon checkout. We will ask you for them on the Thank You page.)

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VIB Subscription (monthly VIB Access, $4.95/mo):

Monthly support of the cause, includes Newsletter subscription, and access to VIB sections of the website.

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Support (monthly, $2.95/mo):

For people on a modest budget who wish to support the cause on a recurring basis. Includes Newsletter subscription.

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One Time Donation (any amount):

For people who wish to support the cause, but do not wish to sign up for recurring donations at this time. You will be invited to subscribe to our Newsletter on the Thank You page.

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Level Price  
Annual VIB $49.95 per Year. Select
Monthly VIB $4.95 per Month. Select
Support $2.95 per Month. Select

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Very Important Barefooter Membership ID exampleWhat do I get?

Every VIB Member gets access to a members-only area on our website. There you will find legal papers, barefoot-friendly establishments, studies, and more. As membership grows, we are developing special interest forums and chat rooms.

Annual memberships also include a members-only t-shirt, 20 business cards, a membership photo ID card, and other items such as window decals and promotionals.

Who is VIB membership for?

We want to create an active, professional community for upholding our barefoot rights. We will be taken more seriously if our organization is professional and well-established. For instance, should you be confronted while shopping, most employees would be shell-shocked that you have an actual ID card with a legal organization! If we want our freedom, we realize we have to come together as a unit and do things to gain respect.

Will this ruin our Facebook group?

Absolutely not! However, at some point Facebook will not be as prominent. Also, the Facebook group will be geared for newer people and those who do not wish to have a VIB membership. It will continue to be all-inclusive.

What is this Membership ID?

Your laminated ID card will have your name, membership ID, and a head-to-bare-toes photo of you. The back contains a legal disclaimer, our toll-free number, and a QR code that leads directly to our legal web page.

Why a head-to-barefoot photo ID?

We encourage your ID photos to be taken in or near a business (but not including anyone else). The idea is to show that it is a normal, everyday activity than anyone can do.

We want to eliminate ALL aspects of people denying access to building over our barefoot choice. An ID will show that we are respectful, organized, and aware of our rights.

Will this ID Always Work?

There are no guarantees. The longer we are in existence, the more awareness and thus success we will see. The included business cards will also give credibility to your cause.

Can’t you do these things for free?

The BIL offers many services for no cost, hence our robust web site, newsletter, and Facebook pages. However, to rent festival space, get into health fairs, print literature, advertise, offer 24-hour toll-free phone support, and maintain web sites and the BIL radio show all cost money. None of these things could be done for free.

Simply put: If we want our freedom, WE ALL have to show we want it. This includes putting your money where your mouth is. We are keeping the price reasonable because we want to help the most people. Not to sound cliché, but the cost of your annual VIB membership is far less than purchasing a cup of coffee per month (not day, MONTH).

Can I pay monthly instead of all at once?

Yes! Monthly membership will give you VIB membership access, but not the physical products. (Only annual subscriptions get the mailed merchandise.)

What does the money go toward?

Your membership and/or donation pays for our 403(b) registration, bookkeeping, web space, artwork, t-shirts, and all materials that go into our mission. Our goal is to get funding for banners, fliers, and giveaways at health fairs, flea markets, and other outreach programs.

As we grow, we will eventually do things other non-profit groups do. These include: music festivals, special events, and having an office with paid employees.

Can I buy extra shirts?

Only our annual VIB members can get this special shirt. Other shirt designs and merchandise can be purchased in our store.

What about other countries?

The approximate shipping for your country will be added to your order at check-out.

How can I unsubscribe?


Don't leave us! Discontinue Newsletter subscription and future payments. (You can easily resubscribe to free Newsletter. )

We hate to see you go! You may easily unsubscribe to any of our services by clicking the button below.

If there is anything you would like to see us offer, please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know!

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