April 2, 2018                                        OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE

LAS VEGAS,NV – Barefoot Is Legal (barefootislegal.org) founder Dave Kelman has announced the #BarefootAgainstBullying Challenge May 4-6 2018.

This Challenge will have participants spend 24 hours barefoot. This will open participants into knowing and understanding the feeling of people judging others based on looks. Participants are invited to take a selfie and share with BIL social media.

“The average person has never gone barefoot in public in their life.” states Mr. Kelman. “ This will give everyone an opportunity to understand how others feel by looking a different way. In America, people judge others based on looks, and most notably shoes. By not wearing shoes, you are opening yourself to people looking at you. What are these total strangers going to do because they saw you barefoot?”

Thousands of young people commit suicide due to bullying every year.  These suicides usually stem over being bullied over looks. Schools have historically not done enough to end school bullying. However, they will focus on what shoes students are wearing to school.

Press inquiries are handled via email: press@dev.barefootislegal.net  or by phone 844-522-7882.