May 7, 2018                                        OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE

LAS VEGAS, NV — Barefoot Is Legal ( founder Dave Kelman has announced the #IDriveBarefootChallenge June 8–10, 2018.

For this endeavor, Barefoot Is Legal is requesting everyone drive their cars while barefoot. For those who have smartphones, please take a selfie (NOT while actually driving) or a video and show everyone that driving barefoot is safe and legal.

Thousands of accidents are caused annually by wearing improper shoes. Some drivers have been in serious accidents and have even lost their lives over something as simple as wearing shoes while driving.

Kelman shares a viewpoint. “Most Americans think it is illegal to drive a car barefoot. Some have even tried to drive while wearing broken flip-flops. We have been conditioned to think it is against the law to not wear shoes. Even at the point of safety, people will not kick their flip-flops off. Everyone thinks accidents will not happen to them.”

How can we verify no such laws exist?

Kelman says that you can verify the legality of driving barefoot in four ways:

  • Visit our website and see the legal research we have done
  • Call or visit the website of your local DMV
  • Do a simple internet search
  • Call the American Automobile Association (AAA) and ask them — they even have a section on the myth in the annual Motor Digest Laws.

What is the only state in the USA to have any driving laws with shoes? Alabama requires shoes to be worn while driving a motorcycle. It does not specify what shoes to be worn. It does not mention other vehicles.

Barefoot Is Legal is only endorsing safe automobile driving for this challenge.

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Driving barefoot is legal in all 50 states