February 23, 2019

Las Vegas, NV – Barefoot Is Legal has announced the 3rd Annual #IDidItBarefootChallenge. This challenge takes place Friday, March 22th though Sunday March 24th. The #IDidItBarefootChallenge empowers everyone to spend the day running errands barefoot during the weekend. This is completed by sharing this on a selfie or a video.

The purpose is to encourage everyone to try the barefoot lifestyle by show people and businesses that running errands barefoot is just as normal as other shoppers.

Barefoot Is Legal Founder and President, Dave F Kelman, shares a common trend that resonates with people. “I always wondered why the whole world wears flip flops. However, the same people get offended if your foot is touching the ground.”

Most people believe that not wearing shoes into a store is illegal. In fact, exactly ZERO US States, Canadian Provinces, or other countries have any laws on the books for driving a car, going into a store, or eating in public while barefoot. Information is shared on their website,

Why do we still have this stereotype that judges people based on what fabric is on their foot?” states Mr. Kelman,

North American businesses have always believed these “laws.” Some stores have turned away people, believing that laws exist. The truth is, no driving laws, health codes, insurance policies, state law, fire codes, nor OSHA laws in an average setting exist for customers in a location. It is perfectly LEGAL to not wear shoes in a public setting. “No such laws exist, and employees remove people due to believing fake laws. Employees are kicking their paychecks out the door for lack of knowledge.”

What about Injuries?

Kelman disagrees with the glass argument. “No glass is sold or transferred in a fast food place, a sandwich shop, a bank, or your local insurance office. Besides, why is everyone so worried about your feet? Germs are transferred much easier by hands and mouths. Who wears gloves and surgical mask to stand in line for pizza? I have gotten TONS of paper cuts in my life. More people have sued over hot coffee spilling on your lap than because of being barefoot.”

Why do people have issues with barefoot patrons?

This stems back to the 1960s Hippies, with business owners irate at “anti-Americans” for disagreeing about the Vietnam War. Not wearing shoes was common among youth, so businesses used this as a way to remove undesired customers. Instead of blaming this “new law” on their own personal agenda, it was pushed to various authorities so no one would question. Now, thanks to the internet, all this information on laws and health department policies.

Also, in previous times, not wearing shoes was viewed as being poor by Northerners. It extended to many children getting berated and even getting grounded over something as simple as running to the mailbox barefoot. Kelman also shares “

Grounding now has become a different term Americans have found recently. Simply going outside and walking barefoot is now considered a health trend. Doctors such as Dr. Mercola, Dr. Michael Sinatra, and others have endorsed this practice. Clint Ober currently has an Earthing documentary, “Down To Earth”, available for viewing online.

Facebook users can check out the Facebook group ( ) and share the health benefits, legal information, and general support for members.

Businesses welcoming in customers are welcome to contact the BIL toll free line 844-522-7882.


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