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Job Posting: Instagram Manager

Job Posting – 11/06/2018 Instagram Manager Requirements: Have an excellent understanding of how Instagram works, and how to make it work for our organization. Able to commit to regular posts on Instagram to help us grow. Trustworthy with data & personal information. Have regular access to a cell phone or something that is Instagram compliant […]

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Essential Oils

Treating Plantar Fasciitis With Essential Oils

Plantar Fasciitis is a serious foot pain condition that afflicts some people, barefoot or not.  We’ve found some good advice: Re: Treating Plantar Fasciitis With Essential Oils “Dealing with chronic heel pain from Plantar Fasciitis isn’t easy. And some of the treatments Google may have offered you don’t look like a walk in the park […]

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Tips for Effective Social Media Marketing

While spending time online, I see many glaring mistakes many people make when trying to peddle their products over the Internet. Most people are untested in the sales field, and have not learned the fine art of making a sale. In turn, their potential customer base will unsubscribe and unfriend over improperly trying to “make […]

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Why You Should let your Kids go Barefoot Outside

There’s a kid running around the playground, laughing like the other kids, but the only difference is that he’s barefoot. Are you this child’s parent, beaming at him as he enjoys his day, or are you the parent of another child, with shoes securely tied? Regardless of where you stand, there are a great number […]

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Right to Bare Feet – At Work

Over the past couple decades, work dress codes have relaxed in Corporate America. Most employees are no longer required to wear suits and ties for non-customer facing jobs. Many jobs have eased the slacks requirement for jeans. Offices for the most part have let nylons go the way of the dinosaur. While the corporate world […]

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UCF students bare all below the Ankle

In central Florida, students, and a professor, are discovering the joy of going barefoot. One junior creative writing major says going barefoot makes him feel more connected to the earth around him. Professor of philosophy Mason Cash regularly went barefoot as a child in New Zealand and continues to do so in his work at […]

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Children study Barefoot at Primary School in UK

Primary school children have been told to wear only socks for lessons after shoes were banned in an attempt to improve children’s results. Holmbush Primary School in Shoreham, West Sussex, declared that children should study barefoot after the school’s ‘Learning Council’, made up of Year Six pupils, found that ‘shoeless classrooms’ could help pupils learn. […]

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