OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE February 23, 2019 Las Vegas, NV – Barefoot Is Legal has announced the 3rd Annual #IDidItBarefootChallenge. This challenge takes place Friday, March 22th though Sunday March 24th. The #IDidItBarefootChallenge empowers everyone to spend the day running errands barefoot during the weekend. This is completed by sharing this on a selfie or a video. […]

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Barefoot Wedding Etiquette

Wediquette Wednesday: Is it acceptable for a bride to go barefoot at her wedding? While this etiquette Q&A article makes an issue out of the appropriateness of a bride going barefoot to her own wedding, it is never suggested the son should go barefoot, too. :-( The intended mother-in-law is quite hostile about it, since […]

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man walking barefoot on roadside

Man Walking Barefoot across America for a Cause

This Guy Is Walking Across America Barefoot to Protest Climate Change Mark Baumer has decided to do something about his most worrisome political cause, Climate Change, by walking barefoot across America to raise money for an environmental group he believes in.  He’s been walking for over two months along roadsides and interstatesnote, and as seen […]

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