Headline "Strange Canadian driving laws that surprised us the most in 2015"Oddly, the above article, portending to cover obsolete driving laws in Canada, is more surprised by the lack of a law, than any of the obsolete laws it is covering.  So much so that it mentions it twice.  First at the top of the article:

Nope, it isn’t illegal to drive barefoot anywhere in Canada. And, yes, there really is a law that says you have to honk before passing another car in P.E.I. — but you probably won’t get fined.

And later  midway down the list of Canadian oddities:

It’s not illegal to drive barefoot: “The driving myth we hear the most from people is that it’s illegal to drive in bare feet – but the law doesn’t say that,” says driving instructor Ian Law. “It doesn’t even say in the Highway Traffic Act that you have to wear clothes while driving.”

There are no laws that say what you can – or can’t – wear on your feet while driving a car or motorcycle. So, it’s legal to drive barefoot or wearing sandals, flip-flops or six-inch heels.

But if your footwear, or lack of it, causes you to drive erratically or get in a crash, you could be charged with careless driving.

 What we don’t get is, why is anyone surprised by the lack of regulation of something that doesn’t need regulating.