2017 BIL Goals

For this coming year, Barefoot is Legal has the following goals. We would love to have you come aboard and make them happen.

  • 25,000 members on Facebook by Dec 31 2017
  • 500 people donating in the year to causes
  • At least 10 Outings where members do outreach (flea markets, farmers markets, festivals, etc)
  • 500 active Facebook members who contribute more than 1 post per month.
  • 10 cities that have had at least ONE meetup
  • 3 Local BIL Chapters established
  • Raise enough money to do a serious festival in 2018
  • Teach at least 10 people to do radio show interviews for networks outside of Freedomizer Radio/BIL
  • Have our Admins take on more of a management role and create TEAMS for people on various projects
  • Have our first serious advertising campaign
  • Reach out to more minorities and various groups of people we have not spread out to yet.
  • Get our WorkLife program finally finished so we can start getting into Corporate America.

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