Barefoot driving laws. Myths dispelled!


Since the Hippie movement in the 1960s, there has been a myth spread which everyone is made to believe that driving barefoot is one of the biggest rules to not break. We have been told there would be tickets, license suspension, and even ARRESTS if you are caught driving barefoot.

With the Internet Days starting in the mid 1990s, there was one gentleman who wrote to ALL 50 States and Washington DC. EVERY SINGLE letter came back from all that barefoot driving is legal.

Bare foot on a car pedalSince these letters have come out, tickets practically are not written up anymore. With someone being able to do a simple 30 second search on Yahoo, a motorist could simply present this letter in court, or even show this to a cop on their cell phone.

Unfortunately, this website is not online any longer.

By nature, the average person does not like wearing shoes. With people accepting the myth of there being laws against barefoot driving, the average American wears flip flops everywhere, and will keep them on while driving. Not because they are comfortable – but because they do not want to be ILLEGAL.

It is MUCH safer to drive barefoot than with wearing flip flops. It is advised to put clogs, high heels, sandals, and other slippery shoes not only off your foot – but put them on the floor in another seat so they do not fall under the gas or brake pedals. MANY accidents are caused by wearing flip flops – where driving barefoot would have saved an accident – and possibly their life.

Flip-flops ‘wedged in pedals’ may have caused horror crash which killed school girl aged 9

Driver who plowed into Torrance gym blames pedicure flip-flops, begs forgiveness

Flip-Flop Causes Vehicle to Crash Into Store Front

REASONS why people like driving barefoot:

  • COMFORT It is much more comfortable to drive barefoot than wearing shoes Being uncomfortable leads to distraction and slower reaction times
  • FEEL THE ROAD People feel as though they can feel the engine and the road better when not wearing shoes.
  • GRIPPING THE PEDALS It is easier to grip the pedals with your toes instead of a ting (or thick) leather sole.
  • FASTER REACTION TIME Your bare foot can hit the gas or brake faster than wearing platform shoes or heels
  • SHOE DOES NOT FALL OFF When wearing backless shoes, a shoe can randomly fall off, leaving it to get stuck in the pedals.

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Q: In what states is it illegal to drive barefoot?
A: Contrary to common belief, it is not illegal to drive a car while barefoot in any state in the United States.

Q: Is it illegal to drive barefoot in Australia?
A: No, in fact it’s a better option than some types of footwear.

Q: Is it illegal to drive barefoot in Texas?
A: No, read this article from Texas Monthly

Q: Can you drive a semi barefoot in Minnesota?
A: Yes, you can operate a commercial vehicle barefoot

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These states have responded showing there are no laws against barefoot driving.


For more responses from other states, see the state responses page.