Job Posting: Instagram Manager

Instagram logoJob Posting – 11/06/2018

Instagram Manager


  • Have an excellent understanding of how Instagram works, and how to make it work for our organization.
  • Able to commit to regular posts on Instagram to help us grow.
  • Trustworthy with data & personal information.
  • Have regular access to a cell phone or something that is Instagram compliant (Cannot use laptop or desktop.)


Job Role:

  • Use Instagram on a regular basis for our organization to help bring in members.
  • Communicate with our Regional Directors, our Legal team, & other management.
  • Help people become Instagram followers.
  • Create and share posts to bring awareness to our website,
  • Interact with people seeing our group and commenting.

About Dave

Proof Negative is the founder of Freedomizer Radio (Like us on Facebook), and host of the Proof Negative Radio Show. Also, he is the founder and president of Barefoot is Legal and also the Barefoot is Legal Facebook group.

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