With outdoor activities in full swing in the US, this is a great opportunity to be barefoot outdoors and spread barefoot awareness.


Two boys playing rugbyActivities such as karate and swimming are normally done barefoot, but those aren’t the only ones. Other sports like baseball, soccer, track, rugby, and more can all be done without footwear. In fact, it can help the players. A bare foot can easily change direction when running and adjusts weight distribution on uneven terrain or objects on the ground. If a person is used to wearing shoes, it will take time to get used to going without. However, starting or finishing up a practice season without footwear is a great start.

Coaches may not be familiar with the benefits of going sans shoes and may be uneasy to allow it. Therefore, be sure to tell them about the health benefits and showing other teams shedding shoes.

Outdoor Time

Two boys in a creekPeople also enjoy getting out during warmer months and being out in nature. This is a great time to shed the shoes and get the full experience of being outside. Feeling different surface textures, temperatures from sun to shade, and small streams are great to explore. Going out for a run or bike ride or walking the family pet also allows for a great barefoot experience. Attending local parades, concerts, and visiting friends also have opportunity to talk with others about barefooting and to join you in the experience.

Wherever you are in the world, leave the footwear at home and get out and enjoy the earth beneath your toes.