A quick search on the internet will find several health benefits for going barefoot. Being able to walk Barefoot man using a wheelchaircorrectly and proper foot development are just a few of the benefits of shedding shoes. However, what about people that are unable to walk and use a wheelchair to get around? Going sans footwear can be helpful in this situation as well.

When someone uses a wheelchair, it is often true that they are unable to feel their legs or feet. So when wearing footwear, the person doesn’t know if the shoes are too tight, toes are curled under, or if any other problems may be happening. With bare feet, the individual can easily see his or her feet and notice that all is well.

When someone is walking barefoot, it’s a good idea to develop an awareness of where you’re walking so you don’t accidentally step on something. Wheeling with exposed toes has the same precaution as rolling into a wall or under a protrusion can have problems just like stepping on a sharp object.

Boy sitting on the grassIt can even be easier for a person in a wheelchair to go barefoot than someone walking. Since feet won’t be touching the floor, concerns about sanitation are not an issue. The rare piece of broken glass would be a concern for a flat tire, but not for getting stepped on.

If a wheelchair user has trouble with uncontrolled muscle movements, skipping shoes may also help calm these tremors. Other than times of cold weather, a person using a wheelchair can benefit from barefooting just as someone walking.

As with anyone, the largest obstacle to getting in to barefooting is comments from other people not familiar with the problems of shoes. However, a little education can go a long ways and no matter if you’re walking or rolling, bare feet can still be a good plan.