With the arrival of October, stores are full of Halloween candy, and costumes. Parents are looking fir kid’s costumes and possibly even their own. With all the dressing up to grab candy, make bare feet part of the outfit.

Barefoot Star WarsHalloween is an occasion where you expect different attire of all sorts. Even if you’re uneasy with going barefoot in public, this is a great opportunity to give it a try. With costumes such as angels, ballerinas, pirates, or others, skipping foot coverings is just part of the costume.

In many areas, October is also the start of cooler weather. Our bodies generally take time to transition to the change and our feet go along with it. Barefooting in colder temperatures may take getting used to, but it is possible. While running from house to house at Halloween, it’s easy to keep active circulation and stay warm. However, you may need to stop at a friend’s house or warm up in the car while transitioning.

So as you look for the perfect ensemble this year, consider something that your feet will enjoy. With money saved on footwear, you can get extra tooth paste for cavity prevention!