A boy sitting barefoot on the grassIt’s not only the local pool where you’ll find barefooters, we’re everywhere! No matter if you haven’t worn footwear for years or are just starting to enjoy the benefits of barefooting, venturing outside your home can be a big step.

A barefoot boy crossing a beamIf you’re just getting familiar with barefooting and haven’t bared your toes in public, a park is a great place to start your journey. The different textures, from grass to playground equipment, give a new sensation to your feet. It may feel different at first, but you will soon learn to enjoy the added experience while out enjoying nature. While your feet get used to feeling new textures, you should be cautious with hot asphalt in the summer and wood chips.

Inside venues increase the experience outside the home. From cool concrete and tile floors to more surfaces. Some businesses don’t allow us, while others do. Here are some places where people have had no problems shopping barefoot.

In some countries, going barefoot is a normal way of life. Just like someone wearing short sleeves without gloves, shorts and bare feet are common. This scene at a supermarket in New Zealand is a typical day with barefoot adults and children.

Adults and kids barefoot at checkout

For more places to kick off your shoes, see this list.