Winter is not a great time for going barefoot. Cold temps make going outside unpleasant and without footwear could even be dangerous. However, it doesn’t mean we have to go completely shod until warmer days return.

Barefoot in snowDuring the colder months, we use tools to keep warm when outside. Coats, hats, gloves and more are common accessories when venturing outside. When you come back in, these items are removed and hung on the coat rack for safe keeping. Footwear should have the same thinking applied as well. No one thinks it’s odd to take off your gloves when inside, so you should remove your shoes in the same sense.

Therefore, just as you shed your gloves, remove all footwear at the same time. We know it’s healthier to go barefoot and this will keep any salt or other items from icy surfaces at the door. The more often we make it a habit, the less it will seem odd to do so. Starting when going to a friend’s house should be easy. Other places, like church or restaurants, will take more confidence.

With taken precaution, it is still possible to have free feet out of doors as well. The key is to keep moving and to keep your core body temperature high. Watch the color of your toes, if you lose feeling or they are no longer pink, it’s time to warm up. The more you bare your soles in the cold, the easier it will become.

Baring it all in snowIn some occasions, it is even normal to be barefoot in the snow. Using a sauna or hot tub is great in cold conditions. Running out barefoot, or bare body, is a fun way to rejuvenate your skin. Some places even have outdoor sports that help to boost children’s immune system.

When air temps are above freezing, you should not have to worry about frost bite or other dangers. However, be cautious and pay attention to what your body is telling you. Treatments such as salt, ice melt, and other chemicals can be painful to bare skin and even cause damage. Remember that shoes are tools and, just like gloves, are needed for some situations. Using minimalist shoes keep your feet close to bare, but offer protection when needed.

When you are warm at home this winter, keep practicing barefoot at home rule. It will help get through the cold months and keep your family prepared for the return of warmth.