Australians were recently asked if they thought it was illegal to drive barefoot.

A Victoria Police poll posted on Facebook has sparked debate over the correct footwear for driving.

The poll asking members to vote on whether they thought driving while barefoot, wearing high heels or thongs was illegal.

At the time of publishing almost 60 per cent said they thought it wasn’t illegal, while 40 per cent said they thought it was illegal.

Before Victoria Police could confirm the answer, Facebook users got into a heated debate over what drivers thought was the safest option while driving.

“I always drive in barefoot in summer because I find thongs get stuck on my pedals,” one person commented.

“I’d prefer to wear flat shoes so I have better foot control,” another person added.

“I don’t think it’s illegal but one would think common sense would tell you not to drive in heels and thongs,” a third social media user wrote.

A fourth said if going barefoot was good enough for a professional, it was good enough for them.

“Denny Hulme, ex-Formula one champion and former Australian Touring Car driver drove barefoot in the early days in races,” one woman said.

Continuing the debate, one person thought it did not matter what drivers wore on their feet.

“You could wear a codfish on your feet as long as you maintain control of your vehicle,” a man said.

And according to Victoria Police, he’s correct.

“There is no legislation prohibiting drivers from wearing heels, thongs or driving barefoot,” a spokesperson responded.

In fact it doesn’t matter where you drive in Australia, heels, flip flops and bare feet are all legal.

But there was one type of footwear that most people felt was a crime to fashion.

“Driving in Crocs is a criminal offence,” one person said.

“Wearing crocs anytime is a criminal offence,” someone added.

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