It is mid June and summer is in full swing in the US. Kids are off from school, families are taking vacations, and spending time outdoors. With the warm weather, sandals and flip-flops are seen everywhere, but it’s a great time to go barefoot.

Kids playing at homeWith families spending time at home and visiting friends, make a barefoot rule in and around the house. Home is a common place to kick off the shoes, so just make it an official policy. When visiting friends, leave the footwear at home. Kids can commute by car, bike, or foot easily, and more healthily, barefoot. This can be extended to another summer activity, swimming.

Next to sleeping, swimming is probably the most common activity done barefoot. A recent trend has been wearing flip-flops to or around pool areas, but they are not necessary. Just like when visiting friends, leave the footwear at home when visiting the pool or beach. Along with enjoying time outdoors in the water, you can feel the different surfaces you’re walking over. Different surfaces have varying textures, and temperatures, and feeling them with bare feet can add to the experience.

Summer vacation can mean trips to visit relatives, sporting events, museums, and any combination of these activities and more. We have already looked at visiting friends and relatives and forgoing footwear, these Kids running on grass.destinations aren’t any different. Museums have cool tile and marble floors that are great to feel under your feet. Not so long ago, it was common to be barefoot during summer. By doing so now, you can experience the barefoot freedom our ancestors enjoyed.

If you are new to barefooting, or just starting, there are precautions to take in summer. High temps and clear sun can quickly heat up cement parking lots, especially black asphalt. Walking on painted lines can be cooler, but be cautious to not burn your feet. Toughened fit that are used to higher temps can tolerate more, but this may be a brief moment for minimalist shoes. Once inside, they can be put in a bag or carried again.

No matter what you are doing this summer, give barefooting a try if you haven’t already. As you experience the wonders of the world, extend the experience to feeling the ground you walk on.