Some companies don’t care to receive income from barefoot customers and will not let you support their store. If you have this happen to you, please tell us about it.

Thankfully, most businesses won’t notice or pay any attention to a patron not wearing footwear. Here are a few places that barefooters have frequented and have not received any negative comment. If you are in these areas, feel free to support them and know your feet are not the first to stroll through unencumbered.

United Kingdom

Cathedral Bookshop, Irongate
The Dolphin, Queen Street
The Duke of Clarence, Mansfield Road
The Exeter Arms, Exeter Street
The Furnace Inn, Duke Street
The Little Chester Ale House, Mansfield Road
The Smithfield, Meadow Road
Sound Bites, The Morledge

United States

Campbell, CA
Chirowithin Clinic

Miami, FL
Gator Park Airboat Tours

Florence, KY (area)
Creation Museum
Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que
Homewood Suites

Las Vegas, NV
Baskin Robbins
Braddahs Hawaiian Style.
Carl’s Jr.
Del Taco
Excalibur Hotel
Gilcrease Orchard
Jack in the Box
Pure Health Foods
Smoothie King
Trader Joe’s
Tropical Smoothie

Woodlands/Spring, TX
Big Lots
Burger King

City library
County library
Half Price books


Trader Joe’s


2 thoughts on “Friendly Stores

  1. Heres my list of barefoot friendly stores 1. Albersons 2. stater bros 3. vons 4. post office 5. ups postal 6. gas stations 7. wal-mark 8. winco they are all in Fontana Ca

  2. In Cucamonga, California (yes, there really is a Cucamonga), here are 2 places the employees, management, &/or owner have not confronted me about being naturalfoot(ed) in the store, so far : Domino Pizza, the one at Arrow Hw. & Hermosa Av., & The Brothers Mini-Market, which is also near there. Although I have not been in there naturalfoot(ed) yet, a friend went into the Legends Burgers on Base Line Rd. (also in Cucamonga) naturalfoot(ed) & had no trouble about that.

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