Top Reasons People Do Not Go Barefoot Anymore

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Why you should join the slipperati and take your shoes off at work
February 5, 2017

Going Barefoot Helps Students Learn
January 31, 2017

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Let them Go Barefoot: On Why my Toddler doesn’t wear Shoes
Pathways to Family Wellness: Summer 2016

The CEO of a $1 billion company explains why he makes everyone who walks into the office take their shoes off.
March 18, 2016

‘It is what makes me happy’: Lethbridge pair lives the barefoot life
July 8, 2016

Yorkshire’s first barefoot walking club aimed at curing stresses of Leeds city life
March 14, 2016

Why You Should let your Kids go Barefoot Outside
March 1, 2016

Are you this child’s parent, beaming at him as he enjoys his day, or are you the parent of another child, with shoes securely tied? Regardless of where you stand, there are a great number of benefits that can come from letting your child go barefoot outside, and one mother set out to dispel the myths that say otherwise.

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Barefoot Vegan Magazine
September-October 2015

See the article on pages 42-46 about barefoot running.


Barefoot Students embody Austin culture by comfortably not wearing shoes
September 25, 2015

For certain students at St. Edward’s University in Austin, TX, their view on shoes may be different than the next person. One student chooses to be barefoot just because it feels comfortable. Not wearing shoes is just an act of self expression, just like clothing choices.

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Memories of Barefoot Summers are Inspiring Me to go Shoeless once more
June 30, 2015

For many people, summer as a kid meant being free from footwear, feeling the grass between their toes, and rock walking competitions. For the author of this article, those distance memories have brought her back to going without footwear once again.

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UCF students bare all below the Ankle
November 12, 2014

In central Florida, students, and a professor, are discovering the joy of going barefoot. One junior creative writing major says going barefoot makes him feel more connected to the earth around him. Professor of philosophy Mason Cash regularly went barefoot as a child in New Zealand and continues to do so in his work at UCF.

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International Triathlon Union allows Barefoot Running
December 18, 2014

Prior to this month, running barefoot in a race with the International Triathlon Union (ITU) would have resulted in disqualification. However, that rule has now been removed. Thanks to education by barefooters and showing benefits of barefoot running, the ITU decided to remove the shoe requirement to include all runners.

Official rules from the ITU can be obtained at this page: ITU Downloads Page


Children study Barefoot at Primary School in UK
May 5, 2014

Primary school children have been told to wear only socks for lessons after shoes were banned in an attempt to improve children’s results.

Holmbush Primary School in Shoreham, West Sussex, declared that children should study barefoot after the school’s ‘Learning Council’, made up of Year Six pupils, found that ‘shoeless classrooms’ could help pupils learn.

After a trial, which was deemed successful by children and staff, the 240-pupil school’s governors agreed to make the policy official, and Holmbush became a ‘shoeless school’ in January this year.

The unusual philosophy, which originated in Scandinavia, where shoes bring in slush, snow and ice, suggests that children both learn and behave better when their feet are unrestricted by shoes.

Pupils are said to be gentler with each other, concentrate better, and other benefits include cleaner and more hygienic carpets.

Pupils at Holmbush, which is deemed ‘good’ by Ofsted, are allowed to go barefoot or to wear socks and slippers whenever they are in the school building, and only put on school shoes when they head outdoors to play.

Headmistress Rebecca Jackson said: ‘Shoeless classrooms were brought in to improve the learning environment.’

Not all parents are happy though, read the read more at: The Daily Mail