Wherever you live, the seasonal change is beginning to occur. In the northern hemisphere, winter is coming to an end with spring just around the corner. For barefooters, that can mean a long winter of wearing footwear is coming to an end.

In several parts of the world, you can go barefoot all year. It may take some time to get acclimated to different temperatures, but many people do it. For the areas this isn’t possible, the onset of spring is a welcome site.

With shedding layers of warm clothing also comes leaving footwear in the closet. Feet may take a little time to get used to being completely free again, but usually not long for those used to barefooting.

If you’re new to going without footwear, take the time to increase your barefoot ventures as the weather allows. With the awakening of the world around you from winter slumber, let your feet do the same and feel the area you’re in.

For those that are heading into colder months, enjoy the time you have with comfortable temps. Maybe try expanding your time in cooler temps, and enjoy the freedom of barefooting a little longer.