For various reasons, businesses look at those who shop without shoes on as doing something wrong. Whether it is personal preference, “health codes” (which do not exist), “insurance reasons” (once again, insurance is not raised or lowered based on shoes).

Usually, the case is that people are evicted from storefronts due to a lack of knowledge. Most people simply assume there are laws rather than check out regulations.

Education is usually the key to being allowed entry. Every confrontation should be looked at as a teachable moment.

Here are some tips to handling a professional letter or email to a business:

In an era of recessions and many store closures, allowing barefoot customers and gaining barefoot shopping loyalty can mean the difference between sweating out a few tough months to throwing in the towel and filing Bankruptcy.

Remember also while shopping: The Business needs customers more than a customer needs a place to spend money at. WE have the ability to make change happen. If a store receives enough complaints from the barefoot community through letters and emails, they could be forced to change policies. Through our tips of professionalism, sharing knowledge, and being vigilant, we can make that change to obtain our freedoms.