Two bare feetThis article from The Daily Clog gives several reasons why you should go barefoot.

  1. It’s cozier indoors -Personally, it just doesn’t feel as if I’m really home until I’m barefoot.
  2. It’s a freeing feeling -Whether it’s been a long day of class or walking from place to place, taking my shoes off is a vital step in relaxing and letting loose.
  3. It’s pretty grounding -It’s easy to get caught up in the world of computers and professionalism, but it’s also important to connect with nature and the outside world.
  4. Feet are easier to clean than shoes -Even if you go outside without shoes, or if your housemates wear shoes indoors so your feet are perpetually covered in dirt, you can always just use soap and water to get clean again.

Read the entire article here. You just might realize how overrated shoes are.