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Apple Paltrow-Martin, Kacey Musgraves and the members of the ‘Barefoot is Legal’ organization say yes.

On a sunny spring morning a week or so ago, I was waiting for the B69 bus in Prospect Heights—a neighborhood where…

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Trooper Alyson Burch with the Michigan State Police, Iron Mountain Post says that it’s completely legal!

Trooper Burch says that there is nothing in the Michigan Vehicle Code that requires shoes.

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The Facebook group that’s dedicated to spreading the gospel that no shoes is no crime

In 1992, Dave Kelman was 20 years old and working a food service job at a hotel in Las Vegas. He wore Doc Martens boots, then a slip-resistant staple among people working in kitchens. Wrapping up a shift one day, he spilled boiling water on his feet, and the scalding liquid got trapped in his shoes. The burns were bad enough to hospitalize him for 13 days.

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The non-profit group Barefoot Is Legal is encouraging Americans to go out in public barefoot this weekend and take a photo for its ‘I Did It Barefoot’ challenge.

It all comes down to standing up for their freedom.

The protagonists in this tale are tens of thousands of people who’d like to go anywhere

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A Growing Facebook Group Advocates For People Being Barefoot In Public. Here’s All You Need To Know About Them. “Barefoot Is Legal” is a growing community on social media hoping to destigmatize being barefoot everywhere. Its members have their facts and memes. And they’re ready to recruit.