2024 I Did it Barefoot Challenge

I did it barefoot challenge, April 5-7, 2024

Barefoot is Legal’s annual barefoot challenge is here! On April 5-7, 2024, take the opportunity to do everything barefoot. Whether you’re an experienced barefooter or it’s your first time barefoot in public, let us know! Take a short video or selfie and post it with the hashtag #IDidItBarefoot. Help support foot health and raise awareness […]

Barefoot Times Newsletter

Barefoot Times Cover

Summer is a great time for going barefoot. Families can explore vacation sites, playgrounds, and other locations free of footwear. Read the first publication of the Barefoot Times for tips and tricks for summer barefooting.

Take Off Your Shoes to Feel

A boy sitting barefoot at a kitchen counter.

When walking barefoot, you get to experience the world in its entirety. Whether you’re walking on grass, carpet, cement, or other surfaces, you can feel what the shoe wearer does not. Planning architecture with this in mind helps to encourage visitors to lose footwear while making for beautiful design. Check out this article from Arch […]

Seventh Annual Barefoot Challenge

7th Annual Barefoot Challenge

The seventh annual “I did it barefoot” challenge will be March 31-April 2, 2023. Mission: go barefoot to at least one business, take a selfie or video, and post with #IDiditBarefootChallenge. See the information on the left for full details.

Barefoot is Legal Stands Up Against China Labor Camps

Chinese prisoners

During the weekend of April 29-May 1, 2022, Barefoot is Legal raised awareness of labor camps in China by encouraging everyone to boycott shoes for the three days and go barefoot. This is in response to the worldwide outrage and protests regarding the human rights issues. A hashtag was created, #NoFootPrisons, for concerned citizens to […]

Barefoot is Legal Kicks Up the 6th Annual Barefoot Challenge

6th Annual Barefoot Challenge

The 6th annual barefoot challenge from Barefoot is Legal will be held April 2-3, 2022. Help us end the social stigma of going barefoot by going to ANY business barefoot (no socks, tights, or flip flops). Take a selfie from head to bare foot and use hashtag #IDiditBarefootChallenge. See the full press release from founder Dave Kelman […]

How to Transition Your Kids to a Barefoot Lifestyle

Legs and bare feet outside a boat

Barefooting has health benefits for every stage of life, but especially for children as their feet grow and develop. Children tend to naturally want to go barefoot, but shoe companies include footwear with blinking lights, bright colors, and work to indoctrinate kids into not having free feet. Therefore, parents and guardians need to work purposefully […]

2021 Tik Tok Video Contest

Barefoot is Legal is now on TikTok! To celebrate, we are running a new video contest. The winner will receive a one-year VIB package with all the benefits. Send your submissions to videos@barefootislegal.org and join our new channel!

Why you should ditch your shoes and go barefoot

Two bare feet

This article from The Daily Clog gives several reasons why you should go barefoot. It’s cozier indoors -Personally, it just doesn’t feel as if I’m really home until I’m barefoot. It’s a freeing feeling -Whether it’s been a long day of class or walking from place to place, taking my shoes off is a vital […]

Why walking barefoot might actually be good for you

People walking

If your mom ever scolded you about walking around barefoot, it appears she was wrong. Researchers say walking without shoes is actually good for your feet. The experts say walking barefoot actually strengthens the feet, while cushioned shoes weaken them, and hurt your stability and balance. Of course, you should still be careful about stepping […]

Could a no-shoe policy help learning in the classroom?

For the past nine months, the message of hygiene and cleanliness has dominated schools, and yet not once has anyone looked down and thought about their feet. While we’ve scrubbed our hands and the surfaces they come into contact with relentlessly, our shoes – and the colony of germs locked into the soles – have […]

How & When Did Bare Feet Become Taboo?

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service

David Kelman September 14, 2020 Thanks to the mask mandates of 2020, the “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service” signs received an update. Signs have changed. Now, many are saying “No Shoes, No Mask, No Service.” People are quoting that going barefoot is a LAW – just like not wearing a fabric over your face. […]

The World After – Bare Feet

A woman relaxing barefoot

Global Cosmetic News wrote an article, “The World After – Bare Feet” looking at life after the pandemic. The Lockdown and a renewed interest in nature and more open air socialising, has resulted in a trend towards bare feet. Although bare feet seems like a ‘simple’ trend, or nothing new, it is quite a statement […]

Bare Feet 7 Reasons to Let Your Children Have Them

Three sets of bare feet

From the Momma’s School, a blog gave 7 reasons children should be barefoot. Our feet used to be just fine walking bare. It’s a sensory experience and makes children happy to experience all the pleasure from that. Going with bare feet increases the body’s and foot’s strength. Going with bare feet helps proprioception (spacial orientation […]

Driving Footwear Confusion in Australia

Bare foot on a car pedal

Australians were recently asked if they thought it was illegal to drive barefoot. A Victoria Police poll posted on Facebook has sparked debate over the correct footwear for driving. The poll asking members to vote on whether they thought driving while barefoot, wearing high heels or thongs was illegal. At the time of publishing almost […]

Silicon Valley’s Shoeless Trend

A long shoe shelf

New startups in Silicon Valley allow no-shoe office policies. Read more in this article by Business Insider. The tech world has become inextricably linked to a very specific work uniform: hoodie, t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. That informality has permeated the office environment as well, with startups in Silicon Valley garnering a reputation for embracing out-of-the-norm […]