Why Children Should be Barefoot to age Four

Hands cradling a baby's feet.

A recent article by Naboso discussed Why Children Should be Barefoot Until Age Four.  For a young child, the world is bursting with color, brimming with sounds, and teeming with different textures and sensations. Every moment is a learning experience for newborns, infants, and toddlers. One of the most profound ways a child explores this […]

How to Transition Your Kids to a Barefoot Lifestyle

Legs and bare feet outside a boat

Barefooting has health benefits for every stage of life, but especially for children as their feet grow and develop. Children tend to naturally want to go barefoot, but shoe companies include footwear with blinking lights, bright colors, and work to indoctrinate kids into not having free feet. Therefore, parents and guardians need to work purposefully […]

Could a no-shoe policy help learning in the classroom?

For the past nine months, the message of hygiene and cleanliness has dominated schools, and yet not once has anyone looked down and thought about their feet. While we’ve scrubbed our hands and the surfaces they come into contact with relentlessly, our shoes – and the colony of germs locked into the soles – have […]

Bare Feet 7 Reasons to Let Your Children Have Them

Three sets of bare feet

From the Momma’s School, a blog gave 7 reasons children should be barefoot. Our feet used to be just fine walking bare. It’s a sensory experience and makes children happy to experience all the pleasure from that. Going with bare feet increases the body’s and foot’s strength. Going with bare feet helps proprioception (spacial orientation […]

Why You Should let your Kids go Barefoot Outside

There’s a kid running around the playground, laughing like the other kids, but the only difference is that he’s barefoot. Are you this child’s parent, beaming at him as he enjoys his day, or are you the parent of another child, with shoes securely tied? Regardless of where you stand, there are a great number […]

Cold Footing

Winter is not a great time for going barefoot. Cold temps make going outside unpleasant and without footwear could even be dangerous. However, it doesn’t mean we have to go completely shod until warmer days return. During the colder months, we use tools to keep warm when outside. Coats, hats, gloves and more are common […]

Barefoot Halloween

With the arrival of October, stores are full of Halloween candy, and costumes. Parents are looking fir kid’s costumes and possibly even their own. With all the dressing up to grab candy, make bare feet part of the outfit. Halloween is an occasion where you expect different attire of all sorts. Even if you’re uneasy […]

Barefoot for All

A quick search on the internet will find several health benefits for going barefoot. Being able to walk correctly and proper foot development are just a few of the benefits of shedding shoes. However, what about people that are unable to walk and use a wheelchair to get around? Going sans footwear can be helpful […]

Barefoot to School

Bare feet under chairs

At the end of August, most schools in the United States go back in session. For many students, this means the days of barefoot summer are over and footwear is being forced upon them. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Most US schools require footwear for pupils, even very strict closed toe requirements […]

Memories of Barefoot Summers are Inspiring Me to go Shoeless once more

When I was a kid, the long months of summer stretched by without the need for shoes. We would peel them off on the last day of school and cast them into the closet. All summer long, we would run around in bare feet on springy grass, through pillows of garden dirt, over sharp sticks […]

Free Summer Feet

It is mid June and summer is in full swing in the US. Kids are off from school, families are taking vacations, and spending time outdoors. With the warm weather, sandals and flip-flops are seen everywhere, but it’s a great time to go barefoot. With families spending time at home and visiting friends, make a […]

Active Feet

With outdoor activities in full swing in the US, this is a great opportunity to be barefoot outdoors and spread barefoot awareness. Sports Activities such as karate and swimming are normally done barefoot, but those aren’t the only ones. Other sports like baseball, soccer, track, rugby, and more can all be done without footwear. In […]

Children study Barefoot at Primary School in UK

Primary school children have been told to wear only socks for lessons after shoes were banned in an attempt to improve children’s results. Holmbush Primary School in Shoreham, West Sussex, declared that children should study barefoot after the school’s ‘Learning Council’, made up of Year Six pupils, found that ‘shoeless classrooms’ could help pupils learn. […]